Happy Easter!

     Jesus is Alive! We have reason to celebrate! I hope that you, dear visitor to our little blog, know the hope that is found in Jesus.

     God Himself, come to dwell with men in the flesh, has defeated sin and death and showed us perfectly the character of God. The Servant King, the Holy One, humbled Himself even to the point of willingly submitting to death. He didn't submit just to the idea of death (as in death as a result of the breakdown of the human body over time) but specifically a form of death intended to torture and humiliate (the cross). But He is not defeated. He is Risen! He really died, and he really was resurrected. After defeating death, His physical, resurrected body walked on the earth, among many witnesses. He now dwells in heaven with the Father, and He will come again to the earth to establish His kingdom.
     One very real day to come, every knee will bow (including your own) and every tongue declare that Jesus Christ is Lord. This won't be spiritual knees in some ethereal fantasy land. You, my friend, will have a body on that day, and you will bow before the King of the universe.

     He desires that you know Him and worship Him now, in your brief life on the earth. By His very real death and resurrection, He has made the way for you to have True Life. To know God and be transformed into His image. You do not have to be a slave to sin!
     This is what we celebrate today.

    An egg hunt might seem like a silly way to celebrate, but there is something to be found in the symbols of searching , finding hidden treasure, within eggs (representing new life), and the opening of that egg to find a surprise gift waiting inside (like discovering the open tomb, and the surprise gift of the resurrection of the Messiah).

Find all of our most recent photos in our April 2011 album (including Abigail's science project and our Easter egg hunt).


Amy February 19, 2013 at 9:54 PM  

I just happened on to your blog today as I sat on my couch trying to squelch my morning sickness by getting my mind onto something else!! I see you haven't blogged for awhile, so I hope you get this! I just wanted to say that I think you are such a wonderful person and daughter of God. I can just feel your beautiful spirit and you are doing such amazing things as a mother and wife to your darling family! It is so wonderful to see mothers who teach and train and invest so much of their time into their children and families, often times at sacrifice to themselves. But oh how we grow in every way and closer to God as we do so! You are doing such an important and good work. Your children are so blessed to have a mother like you! Just wanted to say KEEP IT UP!!!