Well, hello there!

     This little blog has not exactly been a consistent source of news and pictures of our growing family, now has it?  Here's your semi-quarterly update on what's been happening in these parts...
    Aaron & I celebrated our 10 year anniversary in June, and were blessed to get away for a couple wonderful days at the Lake of the Ozarks.  (Thanks to Grandma Grace for coming to watch the girls for us.)
    We're getting closer to baby's arrival (just 9 weeks to go). Don't think I ever said it here, but the 3 ultrasounds we had were all somewhat inconclusive, but lean toward indicating that this baby will be girl #5.
     We have been having lots of fun this spring/summer.  I might do some posts about some of our activities, but for now here's a link to our May & June photo albums.
May 2011
June 2011

Happy Easter!

     Jesus is Alive! We have reason to celebrate! I hope that you, dear visitor to our little blog, know the hope that is found in Jesus.

     God Himself, come to dwell with men in the flesh, has defeated sin and death and showed us perfectly the character of God. The Servant King, the Holy One, humbled Himself even to the point of willingly submitting to death. He didn't submit just to the idea of death (as in death as a result of the breakdown of the human body over time) but specifically a form of death intended to torture and humiliate (the cross). But He is not defeated. He is Risen! He really died, and he really was resurrected. After defeating death, His physical, resurrected body walked on the earth, among many witnesses. He now dwells in heaven with the Father, and He will come again to the earth to establish His kingdom.
     One very real day to come, every knee will bow (including your own) and every tongue declare that Jesus Christ is Lord. This won't be spiritual knees in some ethereal fantasy land. You, my friend, will have a body on that day, and you will bow before the King of the universe.

     He desires that you know Him and worship Him now, in your brief life on the earth. By His very real death and resurrection, He has made the way for you to have True Life. To know God and be transformed into His image. You do not have to be a slave to sin!
     This is what we celebrate today.

    An egg hunt might seem like a silly way to celebrate, but there is something to be found in the symbols of searching , finding hidden treasure, within eggs (representing new life), and the opening of that egg to find a surprise gift waiting inside (like discovering the open tomb, and the surprise gift of the resurrection of the Messiah).

Find all of our most recent photos in our April 2011 album (including Abigail's science project and our Easter egg hunt).

Science, science, I love science...

(Any Jelly Telly fans out there? Dr. Schniffenhausen's song is stuck in my head... "Science, science, I love science, everybody do love science, come along and you'll love science too at least I hope so...")

     Abigail had her first science fair at school, and wowsers! It was a lot more work than either of us were anticipating!  She has loved science for a while, and I hope that the frustrations we encountered in this project have not dampened her enthusiasm.  She really enjoyed surveying people as part of her research.  And the experiment itself was mostly fun.  We've learned some things, and next year we'll know more what we're getting into!

Joelle wrote her name for the first time!

Joelle has been practicing her name for a while, but before today she's only gotten the "J" and the "o". Today she was drawing on the window with wet erase markers, and she got the whole thing!

Abigail lost her first tooth!

She has at least two more loose teeth, so more will probably follow soon!

Yep, we're still here :)

Oh, Hi. I remembered we have a blog, and decided maybe it was time to update :)

Reasons for our blog silence have been varied, but one significant factor is this:

Yes, indeed, that's what's been cooking around here for the last few months. I'm nearly 20 weeks along now. We don't know gender for sure yet, but have an ultrasound scheduled for April 18. We are all looking forward to welcoming another precious baby into our family.

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