We've had a piece of paper over our doorbell for a long time, to avoid the interruption of naptime by a loud doorbell. I found a set of mini hanging frames that I haven't used for ages, and I turned one into a cuter version of the quick paper sign we had. It's on a hook, so theoretically I could remove it easily when the kids aren't sleeping. But I never remember, so it's pretty much a permanent fixture at the door.

One night, looking at a paperclip, I was overcome with the urge to transform it into a little hanger for Abigail's doll clothes. Slideshow shows the bends step by step. So easy!

This last project was inspired by frustration. The twins are potty-training, and they *always* pull the hand towel down when they dry their hands (which is many, many times every day.) It either ends up wet in the sink, or on the bathroom floor (ick!) So, I devised this simple plan to curb the problem.

I cut the button hole off of an old unused shirt, and removed the corresponding button. Sewed them onto the towel after determining placment by folding the towel in thirds like I normally do to hang it. Then, I hang the towel like usual, with the added step of buttoning it. Now it doesn't fall off the holder with a slightly overzealous tug. Fortunately, the attachment is still loose enough that it will come off if they pull really hard, so we shouldn't end up with the entire hanger pulled out of the wall.

Have you been hit with the creative bug lately?