cracker face

Had three minutes to kill while the leftover lasagna warmed up at lunch today. Pictures below the video.
(inspired by this)

Abigail, sewing




Abigail made a sleeping bag for her dollies, all by herself! (OK, I showed her what to do, and pinned the pieces. But she did the sewing on her own.)

Video for family reunion

We couldn't make it to Camp Martha (bi-annual family reunion on my mom's side), so we sent our greetings and update via video.

She's bipedal

Lucia's on the move.

We love the library

We have gotten so many incredible resources from our local library, Mid-Continent Public Library. One of the things we love are the learning DVD's. We've learned a lot of sign language from the Baby Signing Time videos, and now we are learning some Mandarin Chinese from Follow Jade (link to Amazon product page, but both DVD's are available at MCPL) and After School Chinese (If you follow that link, you'll get an error message on the first screen. Just click "ok", then "search". That should bring up the library catalog page for the series).

Here is Abigail counting to 10 in Chinese, and Lucia clapping when we say "Clap your hands" in Chinese.

The One With the Googly Eyes

Abigail and I had way too much fun yesterday playing with googly eyes!  (Inspired by this post, via Dollar Store Crafts)  We started by cutting out pictures from magazines, like the ones above, and this one:

Then, I decided it would be fun to apply the technique to our friends' Christmas cards.  (See, there was a reason those have been sitting on the desk for the last 7 months!)  Enjoy :)


We turned this pile of sticks:

Into a teepee!

Lucia wants to walk

Preschool Project: Fly-Swatter Painting

Today's project was inspired by Teacher Tom.

I took a carboard box, covered it with "flies", and propped it up in the yard.

Next, I handed the girls their flyswatters...

...and paint palettes (aka paper plates)

Then, let them loose!

Abigail is learning to read

More June Pictures

More pictures are up in the June web album. A sampling: