One tangible result of praying together

Just a few minutes after Abigail sat down to do some activities on, my timer went off to remind us to pray. Abigail prayed first and said “God, please help me to not love the computer more than I’m loving my family, and help me to love you best of all.” {melt my heart}

Later, when it was time to turn off the computer, Abigail was slow to respond to my instruction. Her delayed obedience was not in-your-face rebellion, but despite her subtlety she was clearly wanting her own way.

I asked her, “Abigail, what are you loving most right now? Playing on the computer, or honoring God by obeying Mommy?”

Her countenance changed and she said “Oh. I just prayed that God would help me.” She then turned off the computer and went on her way.

Preschool Project: Goop

Homemade goop:
1 part water
2 parts cornstarch
few drops food coloring (if desired)

This stuff is crazy! It looks wet in the bowl, but actually is practically solid. When you put your fingers into it, it feels hard. Then when you dig your hands into it to pick it up, it turns to liquid and drips all over. My explanation doesn't do it justice, so just mix up a batch and try it yourself.

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Preschool project: Hammer & Nails

Another fun activity from our Busy Books.We have been using golf tees as nails and practicing hammering.  Abigail has been hammering them into cardboard boxes, but those were a little to thick for Eliana (below in green shirt) and Joelle (white shirt).  I gave them egg cartons instead and let them go to town.  We also didn't have hammers, so they used the handle end of a screwdriver :)

Fun in the mud

Lest anyone think that raising four girls is all baby dolls and tea parties...this is what happens when Mama leaves the big girls in the backyard to take the baby inside. :)

Peek-a Boo, Daddy & Lucia

Lucia (6 months) figured out how to play peek-a-boo with Daddy. She even started initiating it by holding stuff over her face :)

Welcome Spring

This is what it looked like here on the first day of spring. :)  Sled hack, aka workout for Mommy

Lucia with a microphone

Abigail is growing to be such a good helper. She got her sisters clothes on this morning and served up all cereal for b-fast. She also said unprompted "That chili last night was delicious! Thanks for making it Mom." :) So sweet.

Somebody's sleepy...

Lucia falling asleep in her jumper

What a difference a few years make

Abigail and her dollies, July 2007

 Abigail and her sisters, March 2010
(L-R Abigail, Lucia, Joelle, Eliana)

Abigail leading worship

Abigail (4 1/2 yrs) was in her room making up songs, so I put the camera in the corner and we had a spontaneous worship time. This is 3 minutes cut from about a 15 min video. I cut in most of the "good" stuff, and left out the nonsense stuff that only a preschooler can understand, as well as her lengthy discourse on how things were different back in Jesus' day - like they had different houses than we do because they didn't have wood back then, and they sat on the floor or on pillows because they didn't have chairs :)


A few pics

Sorry for the long drought of posting. I uploaded a few new photos to the February album today. I have quite a few videos to post, but they are all too long, so I need to cut down the length. Hope to have some posted soon!