Fun with snow

We've had a snowy winter this year. As I write this, another storm is rolling in. On Friday, I took the girls out while big flakes were falling, and we enjoyed some fun in the snow.

I don't remember where I heard this idea, but I think it was from a one of our Busy Books.  I filled up spray bottles with water and a little food coloring.  We tried to "paint" the snow by spraying.  It'll probably work better when they are older and can squeeze better.


I brought a bowl of snow in with us, and we made snow slushies for a snack.  We mixed about 1/4 cup of grape juice into 1 cup of snow.  Yummy.  I think Eliana (below in blue) got her first "brain freeze".



Lucia giggling in her jumper

Lucia in her jumper

I have lots of pictures and videos to post, but haven't gotten around to it. There are a few in the new February Album. More to come...hopefully soon
Here's a video of peek-a-boo around the corner with Lucia in her jumper while the big girls watch Baby Signing Time.