Joelle "reads" Baby Giggles

Joelle and Eliana love a book we recently checked out from the library called "Baby Giggles" We've read it many times, and they now basically know all the words. Here, Joelle "reads" the book to me (Words from the book are below the video)

Giggle baby, laugh and play
Grumpy baby, had a rough day?
Angel baby, hug your bear
Rebel baby, rock & roll hair
Bouncy baby, reach for your toes
Ballet baby, don't pick your nose!
Bath-time baby, splish splash in bubbles
Pouty baby, forget all your troubles
Hungry baby, eat yummy cake
Sleepy baby, dream 'til you wake
The End


ProjectHope7 January 13, 2010 at 12:48 PM  

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