Hermie: Antonio Meets His Match

Hermie: Antonio Meets His Match
     This DVD is ok, but not great. We’ve seen a handful of DVD’s from the Hermie series, and I generally find them to be entertaining to our girls and carry a good message that I can applaud. One thing I love about the Hermie series is that prayer is always a central key to the plot. I especially appreciate that prayer is shown to be not only submitting requests to God, but listening and receiving guidance and encouragement from Him as well. However, as is the case with most children’s DVD’s, I think at times the take-away message is not as biblically robust as I would like to see.

     Antonio Meets His Match was no exception to this assessment. It kept my girls entertained, encouraged treating others with kindness regardless of their actions toward us, and included prayer as an essential element. My only disappointment was the somewhat weak presentation of the requirements of the biblical mandate of Luke 10:27, the scripture the story sets forth as its foundation. The command to “Love your neighbor as you love yourself” is set in the context of the parable of the Good Samaritan. Reducing the message of this scripture to “be nice, even to the annoying guy” seems to be falling short. The way the story plays out, Antonio’s “love” for his neighbor is scarcely evident until his final act of “heroism”. But even that act (saving his annoying neighbor Angus from an unruly frog) comes at no great sacrifice to Antonio. He states clearly that the frog posed no real threat, and at the beginning of the movie we see him subdue the same frog, seemingly for sport. Although Angus was frightened, and is subsequently so grateful that the relationship with Antonio is repaired, this depiction is a long way from demonstrating the humility and self-sacrifice implored in the quoted scripture. Yes, this is “just” a children’s DVD...but theology matters, even for kids.

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Eliana & Joelle loving on Lucia

Eliana & Joelle LOOOOOVE their baby sister Lucia. Here they are spending a couple minutes just loving, laughing, smiling, and sharing.

Joelle singing Jesus Loves Me

Joelle loves to sing. Here she is singing Jesus Loves Me:

Eliana practices folding

Eliana and Joelle like to help with laundry by folding burp cloths, rags, and towels. Here Eliana demonstrates her folding technique, with some toddler silliness thrown in for fun :)

Joelle "reads" Baby Giggles

Joelle and Eliana love a book we recently checked out from the library called "Baby Giggles" We've read it many times, and they now basically know all the words. Here, Joelle "reads" the book to me (Words from the book are below the video)

Giggle baby, laugh and play
Grumpy baby, had a rough day?
Angel baby, hug your bear
Rebel baby, rock & roll hair
Bouncy baby, reach for your toes
Ballet baby, don't pick your nose!
Bath-time baby, splish splash in bubbles
Pouty baby, forget all your troubles
Hungry baby, eat yummy cake
Sleepy baby, dream 'til you wake
The End

A couple Lucia videos

Lucia's two new favorite things seem to be rolling over whenever I set her down, and making this noise constantly:

Lucia is always very smiley, but occasionally she's starting to give a little giggle every now and then. This is my attempt to capture that on film:

The NKJV Greatest Stories of the Bible

I love this Bible! The NKJV Greatest Stories of the Bible is the first book I’ve reviewed that I can confidently give a 5-star rating. I have been specifically looking for a new Bible appropriate for Abigail right now. She’s ready for something more than her children’s bible, but I wasn’t sure that moving up to a “regular” bible was the best next step. This Bible is not a “children’s bible” and is exactly what she’s ready for.

This is a wonderful resource for families seeking to share the Word together. It would work well for families with children of widely varying ages. Many, many stories are presented. Typical children’s bibles often omit challenging stories like Abraham’s near sacrifice of Isaac, or Joseph fleeing from the seduction of Potiphar’s wife. Both of those stories are included in the NKJV Greatest Stories of the Bible. But, not *every* story is there. For example: this bible does not include the story of Lot’s daughters seducing him, or the destruction of Soddom & Gommorrah. For the purpose of using this as a family bible with young children, I have found this book immensely valuable.

The text of this book is drawn directly from narrative portions of the New King James Version of the Bible, but the format is not in the standard book-chapter-verse presentation. The layout looks more like a novel. Each story is presented as a unit and given a title reflecting the content of the story. The length of each story is great for reading aloud. After the title, references are given for the portion of scripture used. The vast majority of stories simply include the story-specific text and present it as one story (Story #5, “Why we see a rainbow” is Genesis 8:20-9:19). Others take portions of multiple scriptures and combine them into one story (Jesus’ birth includes passages from both Matthew and Luke.)

In all cases, the text is strictly the NKJV of the bible – no additions, no reinterpretations, no oversimplification. There are no pictures. (This seemed perfectly clear to me from the description, but apparently other reviewers were expecting a typical illustrated storybook bible). I highly recommend this book as a great option for families wanting to explore the scripture together.

I have agreed to review books for Thomas Nelson Publishers. As part of their Book Review Blogger program, I have agreed to post brief reviews on my blog in exchange for free books. To learn more, or to sign up to become a reviewer, click the icon in the sidebar.

New Favorite Picture

This is my newest favorite picture. I absolutely love to watch my girls love each other. They are all so especially tender with Lucia. I took this picture after Abigail rocked her to sleep for the first time.

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