I added more pictures to the December album (click here). There are some videos too (click here)

There are a few things I've wanted to give a post of their own, but I haven't gotten to it: Abigail's preschool Christmas program & decorating the Christmas tree are two that come to mind. For now, the albums will have to suffice :)

A note on links:
Ever since I changed the blog layout, I have noticed that when I post a link it doesn't change the font size or color to indicate a hyperlink.

I used to always just put the link in with the text, like this: I added more pictures to the December album
But with the new formatting, you can't see just by looking that in the last sentence "December album" is a link.

I'm going to see if I can fix it, or at least try to remember to specify when I have inserted a link (like I did at the top of this post). If you think something might be hyperlinked, just hover your mouse over the words. They should turn red and show that there is a link to click through.