I added more pictures to the December album (click here). There are some videos too (click here)

There are a few things I've wanted to give a post of their own, but I haven't gotten to it: Abigail's preschool Christmas program & decorating the Christmas tree are two that come to mind. For now, the albums will have to suffice :)

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Preschool Project: melting crayons


Electric griddle covered with foil

Paper (we used construction paper & coffee filters, but any paper will work)

Broken crayons

Oven mitt
Paper towels

Add one very excited 4 1/2 year old

1) Heat griddle to "Warm" or the lowest setting.

2) Careful, it's hot! Now draw/scribble/write on the foil with crayons.

3. Using an oven mitt, press paper onto the melted wax.

4. Lift off paper and admire your finished product as it cools.

5. Wipe wax off foil with paper towel, then draw again.

New Pics

Posting new pics in the December Album. Here are a few:



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Eliana trying to give Lucia a tiny green tomato


We've been enjoying unseasonably nice weather, so we all played outside today. More pictures in the December album



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