Barney's visit

Abigail's preschool class has a pet dog named Barney, and he's been staying at our house the last couple days. Here's a letter Barney wrote to tell Abigail's classmates all about his stay with us.

Abigail and I had a great couple of days together! I got to sit on Abigail’s lap on the way home after school. (All the other seats in the van were full because Abigail has three sisters.) After a snack we snuggled in bed and looked at books during her quiet reading time. Next we watched Jelly Telly while Abigail’s mommy got dinner ready. I learned about a guy name Anthony who lived a long time ago and gave away lots of money to poor people. After dinner Abigail and her sisters took baths, so I hung out on her bed with some of her stuffed animals. Before bed we read a book about how our bodies work (well, about how people’s bodies work. I’m a dog so mine’s a little different) and a Bible story about Jesus healing some people, then we went to sleep.
The next morning we had Abigail’s favorite breakfast – bread with peanut butter, honey, cinnamon, and cranberries! Yummy! We had plans to go to a kids prayer meeting later, but Abigail’s mommy had to get dinner in the crock pot, so we ran out of time. At lunch I got to help Abigail make Mac-n-cheese. Her mom did the part with the boiling water, but we did the rest by ourselves. After lunch we were going to try to visit Abigail’s Daddy at work, but baby Lucia had trouble taking her nap. So we stayed home and played with Abigail’s sisters Eliana and Joelle instead. Abigail likes to act out stories, so we pretended we were taking a trip on a train. Later we played dress up. Abigail was a princess, and I got to wear a crown, too!