Introducing Lucia Danielle

She's here! Our new baby girl, Lucia Danielle, was born at 2:20pm today. (We are using the Italian pronunciation for Lucia: Loo-chee-ah) She weighed 7 lbs exactly, and is 19 inches long. She is beautiful and healthy. We'll give more of an update later, but she's sleeping, so we should be too! You can see our first round of pictures on the Picasa site, or in the slideshow below.

Watching Cicadas molt at the park

Spent the morning at the park, playing and watching Cicadas molt.

Videos of Eliana & Joelle talking

August update

There are a few more pictures in the August album (also video album here).

We had a little excitement on the way home one day when I saw what looked like a tornado forming just ahead of us. I snapped this picture with my cell phone, and it ended up on a local news station's website. (Article here)

A few more pics from recent fun. Reading with Daddy, and coloring on our "Countdown Calendar". We're counting down to many things - Grandma Grace's arrival, Daddy's birthday, Baby sister's due date, First day of preschool, Nana & Grandpa Mike's arrival...

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Happy Birthday Eliana & Joelle!



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