Joelle flips

Joelle learned to do backflips off Abigail's bed. A brief video demonstration:


The Balcom Family June 19, 2009 at 6:24 AM  

That is hilarious!!! How did she learn to do that and not completely freak out the first time she fell? Not sure if I want to show Katelynn that or not :)
(Also, I'd love to know how you edited your video to just have the snippets, unless you just took it that way.)
Thanks for sharing!

sarah June 20, 2009 at 5:18 PM  

Abigail started it all =) She's fearless, and loves to jump and flip and somersault. She tries to do cartwheels, but doesn't quite have the coordination for that yet!) So, Joelle and Eliana started trying to copy her with the flip-off-the-bed thing. I helped steady them at first, but then one day I walked in and Joelle was doing it by herself!

I used Windows Movie Maker to edit the video. I think it comes standard on alot of windows systems...we just found it on our computer. It took a little practice, but now that I've played around with it a little, I can edit clips, put in transitions, and merge videos together. If you find it and want any pointers, let me know!