Abigail wrote her first word

Abigail wrote her first word tonight! She was talking about who she wanted to invite to her birthday party, and said she wanted to invite Becca (one of her friends). She asked me how to spell Becca, and I told her each letter. Then she announced that she had written "Becca"! She has been improving on writing letters, but still has lots she doesn't know. I didn't even know she could write all these. She got them in order, but wrote right-to-left instead of left-to-right. I'm super proud of her!

I also love how she decided that her next word would be "gospel". Preach it, girl! =)

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a great weekend, and spent Mother's Day at church and the KC Zoo.

More pictures in the web album, and a couple videos, too.

We had a great view of the elephants, and Abigail gave us her best elephant impression.

The gorilla came over to say hello.

Joelle was not too happy about the gorilla at first. (Reminds me of her big sister's first viewing of the gorilla!) Then later as we left she started asking for the "Lilla"

Attempting to take a picture of me with the girls would have worked better if it wasn't right before bed time. Turning Joelle upside-down was the only way I could get her to stop grabbing my earrings, and Eliana was more interested in grabbing books off the bed. =)