Conversation with Abigail about the Antichrist

Last night I posted on Twitter (feed over there on the right sidebar >>>>>>>>): "Tough questions start young. Abigail asked tonight "Why is God going to let the Antichrist be in charge for a little while?"

In case anyone reads that question and thinks “Yeah, why will God let the Antichrist be in charge for a little while?” Or, if you’re wondering how I responded to that question coming from an almost-4-year-old, I thought I’d briefly sum up what I said to Abigail.

Some people think they can be good without God. They don’t know they need the Holy Spirit in their hearts and they need Jesus’ forgiveness. When people try to live without God, their hearts are full of the evil and wickedness of sin. Some people don’t even want to obey God, and think that they can do a better job being in charge of their own life.

When God lets the Antichrist be in charge, everyone will see what it is like to have a sinful man who doesn’t want to obey God be in charge of the world. God will show how good He is by letting people see how evil and wicked sin is. He will show that people can’t make good choices (live in righteousness) without the Holy Spirit leading them.

Then, when Jesus comes back to be in charge of the earth, no one can say that it would have been better for people to do things themselves without God.

It's baby Girl #4!!!

We had our ultrasound last week, and baby is healthy and growing well. SHE (yes, it's a girl!) looks great! I was hoping to post some pictures, but I can't get our scanner to work. I'll try to get some posted sometime, but they're just regular ultrasound images, so although I love to look at her, there's really not much detail to see at this point anyway!
I have been feeling pretty well lately (other than a twisted ankle, which knocked me out for a couple days). Once we got past the first trimester sick-weak feeling, things have gone really smoothly pregnancy-wise.
I think knowing baby's gender this time has really upped the anticipation level regarding the arrival of this precious little girl. (I'm sure my growing belly serves as a daily anticipatory reminder, too!) Abigail loves to make funny noises "to get the baby to laugh", and she has felt her kick a couple times. She keeps asking if we can name the baby Edna. (Probably not, honey...) I don't think Eliana and Joelle really understand any of it, although I tell them there's a baby in mommy's tummy, and they like to blow raspberries on my belly button! Our little house is going to be very full, but it's first and foremost full of love, so any physical crowding is really immaterial in the grand scheme of things.
I would really love to post so much more regularly and significantly about all that is going on in our lives and in my heart right now. At this point, I haven't found a good way to balance all the demands on my time to allow for quality writing time. Perhaps that will come as I am able to release some of my business duties to my new assistant. (Praise the LORD! We have hired someone to help me with the administrative side of our business. She is doing great so far, and I think it will be a huge weight off my shoulders to hand her some of the tedious, time-consuming bookkeeping and office tasks that I am currently carrying.)

Easter Egg hunt

Our Easter egg hunt was a little delayed! We hid our eggs on Tuesday evening, when the weather was more cooperative for an outdoor hunt. The twins completely ignored the eggs, but Abigail had fun!




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Sunny day on the farm

We visited Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead today. Lots more pictures in the April photo album. And some videos in the video album.

April photo album up:
Here are a few shots from today:

April video album posted