Photo and Video updates

We have updates on the March photo album, and the Video album.

Grandma Grace, Grandpa Peter, Uncle David, Auntie Keleigh, and cousin Anna are in town visiting, so we have some great pictures and videos of the fun we've been having.


We have MAJOR changes going on around here.

We finally removed the carpet from our kitchen floor and replaced it with vinyl.

We built had a room built in our garage in one day last week.

The room will be the office for our new landscape company, Outdoor Transformations, Inc.

And the only change for which I have visual aids....



New pictures are up in the March Album, including lots more from our Easter Egg hunt.

Cute quote/conversation of the day:
As we're getting in the car to go home after church...
Mommy: Abigail, are you excited? We're going to go home and have our Easter Egg Hunt!
Abigail: Mommy, who's our Easter Hunk?

I chuckled a little, and decided that Jesus is most definitely the "Easter Hunk"

Cutenes #2:
A woman at church had lots of scarves for dancing that she generously shared with Abigail. Midway through the worship service, Abigail started handing them out to random other people. Looks like she's already encouraging others to worship through dance.

Easter Egg Hunt




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Sometimes I blog so that I'll remember things later...

Abigail went to see her first movie in a theater this week. We watched "Horton Hears A Who". It was precious to watch her face gaze in awe at the huge screen. When the previews finished and the movie was about to start, she looked at me with the most beautiful, innocent, childlike anticipation and asked with wonder in her eyes "Is Horton coming now?" I can't capture the essence of that moment, but it was heart-wrenchingly beautiful to share with her.

Abigail has started calling us "Mom" and "Dad" sometimes, instead of always "Mommy" and "Daddy". (little girl is growing up so fast!)

Some more adorable Abigailisms:
Maz-a-geen = magazine
Jamma Man = Gingerbread man
The alphabet song goes like this: “ABCDHFG, Nex time wont you sing wif me?” (repeat 3 times)

She loves to give her sisters hugs and kisses, and often says "I wuv you, sister."

Abigail's guitar

Spring is coming!

We've had a couple days of incredible weather. We took advantage of the 70-degree weather and took a walk to the park.

There are also a few more new pictures in the March Album.