Announcement! Announcement!

In case you can't read the shirts, they both say "I'm the Big Sister".
Yes, indeed, we are expecting a new addition to the family, sometime in late August!
Good thing I already started weaning the twins, because nursing twins while pregnant is not going to work for very long.

Video: Preschool Christmas Program

Abigail is in the front row in a purple dress.

Misc pretty pictures





Some new family pictures


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Video: Eliana trying to somersault

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December Album links


New pictures and video

Wow, I didn't mean to go over a month without posting anything. It's certainly not for lack of material. No time for a big update now, but go to our web albums for photos and video
November album here:
Video album here:

Eliana and Joelle - dancing, singing, giggling

Here's a video of Abigail singing her favorite song, "How Great is Our God".

This morning I made a "sandbox" for her out of Cream of Wheat. See more photos and video in the web albums. Pictures here. Video here.

Singing Isaiah 53:6 with Eliana and Joelle

I have been trying to do a lot of singing with the girls lately, and especially singing scripture. I got a CD for Abigail a while ago that is all short bible verses set to simple tunes (click here for a link to the CD). The first time I listened to it, I thought it was going to drive me crazy, because it's a little rough, and seemed a little "cheezy" as far as musical sophisitication and ease of listening. Well, after a couple times through, I now love listening to the CD. The simplicity makes it so easy for the songs to get stuck in my head, which then helps the Word to get lodged in my heart.

Here I am with Eliana and Joelle singing Isaiah 53:6:

Dance Class




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View more photos here: September Photo Album
View video here: September Video Album

I can't be silent

This is obviously not a political blog, but I cannot be silent on this issue. If you can vote in the USA, please, please watch the following video and read this article. PLEASE consider the value of the life of the unborn and newly born in your election decisions. If you cannot vote in the USA, please watch and pray for God's mercy.

This video is not graphic, but does discuss the death of newborn babies and can be very disturbing. Please don't watch the video in the presence or hearing of young children.

*Added note: I took only a cursory glance at the website promoted at the end of this video, and I want state clearly that by passing on this video I am in no way expressing any support or approval of that particular site.

If you missed the link above, read the article here:

First day of Preschool!


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walking video

Eliana in orange, Joelle in yellow

Joelle kissing Eliana to comfort her

It all started out so innocently...

FYI: There are a few new videos in the Video Album

Happy Birthday Eliana and Joelle




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Click here for videos - coming soon.

Home again

We spent the last week at a family reunion (aka "Camp Martha 2008") in the San Juan Islands off the Washington coast. Here's a selection of photos. More are avaiable at the end of the July Picasa album.

Abigail "driving" the ferry to Friday Harbor

Anna and Abigail had so much fun playing together!

Joanna, Anna, and Abigail looking at the gorgeous view of Roche Harbor as the sun begins to set

We returned to the spot where Aaron proposed in November 2000 for a family photo. My, how things have changed in 7 years!

Family photo with grandparents at the spot where Aaron and I got engaged.

Joelle started walking

A couple days ago, Joelle took her first series of "real" steps - intentional, controlled, and purposeful steps. She took about 6 steps once, then 4-5 steps multiple times that night. Sorry we kept all the fun to ourselves. I was so caught up in the fun of watching her, I didn't get the camera involved soon enough to capture the moment. By the time I got around to video-taping, she was worn out from all the excitement. All she had left to share with you was this:

Big Sister helper

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Better late than never...

Auntie Kendra and Uncle Jeremy came for a visit late in June, but we neglected to take any photos of them with our camera. Today they emailed me some photos from the trip, so I thought I'd show you all their gorgeous smiles and tell you we had a wonderful time during their visit.

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Yes, there's still more

For those of you who are not overwhelmed by the 5 posts that I added and 2 that I fixed (4th of july, and zoo) today, there are still a few more pictures to be seen in the July Picasa Web Album.

And don't miss the videos in the July Video album.

Also see the Eliana's Head album for detailed captions about that.

Countdown Calendar

Abigail and I have also been doing some projects together. Today we made a calendar counting down until the day we leave for our family reunion. We learned about days of the week, counting, and recognizing numerals. Then, we glued on pictures about our trip.

Artistic endeavors

Abigail is beginning to really enjoy art projects and writing/drawing.

She assembled the pieces of this rhinocerous puppet by herself to make a very recognizable face, complete with nostrils on the nose!

She says this is a fish swimming under lots and lots of water. Looks like it to me, too.

One time I tried to help Abigail learn to write some letters by showing her how to "connect the dots" on an outline I drew. Now, she likes to make her own "dots" and draw lines connecting them.
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Garden of Good Eatin'

Our garden is well on its way toward producing lots of yumminess this year. In addition to the grapes, tomatoes and zucchini that you see below, we have enjoyed home-grown strawberries, and an abundance of basil, rosemary, and sage. Mmmmmmm.

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