Abigail's language skills have improved rapidly over the last few months, but she still has her own idea of how to pronounce certain things. Here is a short list of some of the sayings we find especially cute:

I do my byself -------------------------(I do it by myself)
Ah-Hog --------------------------------(hot dog)
I not yike it gock ----------------------(I don’t like it dark)
Timmy-tame-o ------------------------(tomato)
I have a froat --------------------------(I have a sore throat)
Ella-nana ------------------------------(Eliana)
Foff ------------------------------------(moth)
Bwin-ah-boon -------------------------(balloon)
I have a got ---------------------------(I forgot)
Nissue --------------------------------(tissue)
Checkup ------------------------------(Ketchup)
Chicken -------------------------------(Kitchen)


Joelle in stripes, Eliana in polka dots, Abigail...well, you know which one is Abigail!

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Super cute

Joelle in red, Eliana in yellow

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Smiling twins, and check out the Oct Album

If you haven't checked it lately, now would be a good time to go take a look at our October Web Album on Picasa. I just uploaded a bunch of photos, including a series of smiling shots of both Joelle and Eliana. Here's a sampling to whet your appetite:



People always ask us if the girls are identical or fraternal. We don't technically know for sure (we'd have to get a DNA test to have proof.) But can you look at these pictures and tell me that they are NOT identical? It seems like the more they fill out and get chubby, the more and more they look alike!

It's getting chilly

For the first time this season, Abigail had to put on a hat and gloves to go play outside. It's starting to get cold around here!

First time painting - Video

First time painting

New front door and new stove

Thanks to a generous gift of Home Depot gift cards, we now have a new front door (one that actually opens and closes correctly!) and a new stove (with an oven door that closes all the way and stays shut!) Next on the list...replace the yucky kitchen carpet.

Intercessory dancing

Abigail spent a long time dancing while we were listening to an intercession set on the IHOP webcast. This video is a little longer than usual (about 4 minutes), but I love to watch her dance so I thought I'd share!

Eliana and Joelle

Good Helper

Playing in the sink

Playing in the kitchen sink is one of Abigail's favorite special activities. The first day that I let her clean the sink and wash some plastic dishes, she spent over an hour and a half playing!!!


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The Babysitting Crew


Our babysitting crew, for our first date night with non-family babysitters. Joe & Jamie (with son Levi), and Russ & Shanon (with daughter Esther), along with Abigail, Eliana, and Joelle.

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Abigail sharing dolly with her sisters


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Abigail getting ready to nurse dolly


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