Eye update

When Abigail woke up this morning, the swelling had gone down, but her eyelid was still pink and slightly puffy.

The Doctor's diagnosis is "blepharitis". She prescribed an ointment to be applied 3 times/day, and recommended cool compresses. I hope that clears it up. According to the online sources I've looked at, blepharitis can be pretty tough to get rid of (apparently it's usually chronic). Abigail doesn't seem to be exhibiting all of the symptoms of it, and it's already starting to clear up on its own, so I'm hoping that means that it will go away easily.

I have never been all that pleased with our Dr, and I'm planning to switch to a pediatrician after the twins are born (our current doc is a family practice physician). Today was no different - she was in the room with us for less than 3 minutes, didn't ask me any questions about Abigail's condition (the nurse asked a couple before the doc came in, but not much), she didn't explain things very well when she gave her diagnosis or the prescription, and she left the room hurriedly before I had a chance to ask any questions. I had to track her down in the hallway to ask if Abigail is contagious. (Fortunately, she said there's no reason to keep her away from other kids. Yay!) Anyway, I hope her diagnosis is accurate, given that she didn't seem to take much time to figure it out.


Jen July 18, 2007 at 8:47 PM  

praying that cream helps and that Abigail is all better soon

Yep if it were me id be changing docotors