I have had very swollen feet the last few weeks, so I have been trying to spend more time lying down with my feet up. Sometimes Abigail now lays down and says "I lay down. Feet really puffy". (She pronounces "Lay down" like "Eee down") I think it's pretty cute when she copies me. Today she and Aaron both put up their "puffy" feet on the couch for a little while.

Abigail and her "Dah-yees"

13 days until baby sisters arrive!

Also, we got our C-section date!

Aug. 7, 3:30pm

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Abigail knows that she is not allowed to climb into her baby sisters' crib. She had pretty much stopped trying...until I got the bedding all set up a few days ago. Now, she's been climbing in on almost a daily basis. The last two days, she has climbed in there after I have left her in her bed for nap time, and she has slept there for her entire nap. Today I peeked in to check on her, and although I was frustrated that she had disobeyed - again - I knew I wasn't going to do anything about it until she woke up anyway. I snapped one picture and quickly scurried away. She really is cute in there...but it's really not funny that she is defying mommy and daddy on this issue repeatedly.


Aaron took Abigail to the Zoo on Saturday, and she had a great time. She especially seemed to be excited about the "Tigers" - which she talks about while roaring. But Aaron thinks she's actually remembering the lions, because she spent a long time looking at them (as opposed to the sleeping tigers). Sometimes she gets the two confused!

While they enjoyed a fun Daddy-Daughter date, I got the day off. I used some birthday money to get a pedicure, get my haircut, and get a massage. I also took care of some appointments at the hospital and just generally enjoyed having the day all to myself. We're in the final countdown before the arrival of the twins, so time to relax is at a premium right now!

Bathtime hair fun

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Eye update

When Abigail woke up this morning, the swelling had gone down, but her eyelid was still pink and slightly puffy.

The Doctor's diagnosis is "blepharitis". She prescribed an ointment to be applied 3 times/day, and recommended cool compresses. I hope that clears it up. According to the online sources I've looked at, blepharitis can be pretty tough to get rid of (apparently it's usually chronic). Abigail doesn't seem to be exhibiting all of the symptoms of it, and it's already starting to clear up on its own, so I'm hoping that means that it will go away easily.

I have never been all that pleased with our Dr, and I'm planning to switch to a pediatrician after the twins are born (our current doc is a family practice physician). Today was no different - she was in the room with us for less than 3 minutes, didn't ask me any questions about Abigail's condition (the nurse asked a couple before the doc came in, but not much), she didn't explain things very well when she gave her diagnosis or the prescription, and she left the room hurriedly before I had a chance to ask any questions. I had to track her down in the hallway to ask if Abigail is contagious. (Fortunately, she said there's no reason to keep her away from other kids. Yay!) Anyway, I hope her diagnosis is accurate, given that she didn't seem to take much time to figure it out.

Update on the mouth sores

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and advice about Abigail's mouth sores. She still has visible sores in her mouth, but her pain appears to have subsided a lot. She still can't eat everything that she'd like to, but she can eat mild foods without much discomfort (i.e. chicken nuggets are ok, but BBQ sauce on them hurts).

We still don't know for sure what it is from, but the signs and symptoms all point to an initial outbreak of HSV1 (the virus that causes cold sores). (For more info, you can read this link. I learned things that I never knew about cold sores.) The next most likely culprit is some kind of food allergy, but she has never shown any allergic sensitivities before, and we can't think of anything she's eaten lately that could be the cause.

So, we continue to pray for her to be totally back to normal, but for now she's doing much better.


Check out the belly...

If you haven't been visiting my other blog, you may not know that my pregnancy updates have been posted there. I now have up the most recent update, with pictures of my big belly at 32 weeks. Check it out here.

Sad girl - pray for quick healing

Abigail has been having a rough day. She has sores all over the inside of her lips. It looks like they are the beginning of cold sores or canker sores. Aaron gets them occasionally, but he usually only gets one at a time. She has them all over the inside of her lower lip, and along the insides of her cheeks toward the front of her mouth. She has been having some good times and some bad times throughout the day. She was able to eat and drink some at breakfast and lunch, but by dinner she did not want to eat at all because it hurt.

We've been alternating between giving her tylenol and ibuprofen, and that does seem to help. Applying Oragel has given some temporary relief to enable her to eat or drink, but it really hurts her while we put it on. Once it starts working, she seems to get a little relief, but it doesn't last long.

She still had lots of time today when she was able to play and seemed to not be bothered too much. But she would occasionally just erupt in tears and tell us that it was hurting. Poor girl!

I just want to make it all better. I gave her as many cuddles as she would take today. We prayed for Jesus to heal her a number of times, and she even prayed a little bit herself. I will be thrilled if I get to report that tomorrow morning she wakes up completely healed. I'll keep you posted.

Splashing in the rain