Super Splash

At the Zoo (with Auntie Kendra)

Birthday pics

Kissing Dolly in Moby Wrap

Washing the car with Daddy

Belly like Mommy

Monkey business

Abigail has a new "friend". We bought a stuffed monkey that doubles as a child safety harness. I don't like the idea of putting Abigail on a "leash", but when the twins are born, I'm going to have my hands full whenever I try to take all three girls out by myself. I'd rather get funny looks for putting my child on a leash than to have Abigail run in front of a truck in a parking lot, or take off into the street. (On a similar note, I got a great deal on a double stroller today! It is a Graco Duo Glider in the "Central Park" pattern. It was purchased last summer for $190, and it still looks practically brand new. I found it on craigslist and paid $80 for it. Yay!)
So, back to the monkey....Abigail loves it! She doesn't so much love being restrained when I hold on to the tail/tether, but she loves hugging and wearing the monkey.

Curly, curly