I might be a big girl now, but I still make a mess...

New Bike!

Easter Brunch with friends

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Easter Present from Grandpa Peter and Grandma Grace

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Tents. Forts. Whatever you call it, they're fun.

I'm trying to get more creative with our daily activities. Earlier with week we cooked for the first time. Today we played with sheets and made tents/forts. I remember making forts with my brother out of couch cushions and sheets. Abigail got a kick out of it, but I think it'll be even more fun for her once she's old enough to actually do the "building" herself. Today we just threw sheets over her crib, and then over a bunch of chairs.

Big Girl Bed (Part 2)

Abigail got her real big-girl bed yesterday. Here she is helping Aaron with setup, and enjoying all of the extra space. We still need to get a dust ruffle to make it a little more "pretty", but she has fun flowery sheets.