Big Girl Bed

I am so proud of Abigail! She has been sleeping in her "big-girl bed" for three nights, and she is doing soooo awesome. (It's still actually her crib, but with one of the sides taken off. We're going to buy a twin bed soon and move her into that.)

We knew we needed transition Abigail out of her crib soon because the baby** will need the crib. We wanted the transition to be well established long before baby's arrival, so Abigail didn't feel like she got "kicked out". I had been dreading the day that Abigail was no longer contained by her crib. I thought it was going to be a total nightmare and battle of the wills to keep her in bed. When she learned how to climb out of her crib a week or two ago, we decided that we needed to make the move as soon as possible.

Three days ago we switched the crib into toddler-bed mode. Not one time has Abigail gotten out of bed when she's supposed to be sleeping. Naptime and nighttime have both gone smoothly. Now I'm excited to get the real big-girl bed for her, and have her help me pick out some fun new bedding. Yay!

**Speaking of baby...we have an appointment for an ultrasound on Wednesday. We have decided that we will find out the gender if we can. So, we have have an announcement on Wednesday!