Abigail has been fighting a little cold this week. It's not seeming as bad as the last one, but she did get quite a high fever one day. She even took two naps on Monday and Tuesday! Today was a one-napper, but she did curl up on the couch for a little while (while wearing my robe).

And did I ever mention that the ceiling in our laundry room caved in? Frozen pipes. Not fun. Fortunately we have a reasonably priced plumber that we've used a few times who was able to come out quickly to fix things. Aaron insulated the (new) pipes really well, so we shouldn't have the same problem again. Now, we'll just have to see about fixing the ceiling. Praise the Lord that it was the laundry room (which is essentially a back room in the garage. Anywhere else in the house and this would have been a much bigger problem.