Little Drummer Girl

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Sicky, sick, sick

We've been feeling yucky around here lately. Abigail started off on with a nasty runny nose and cough, then spiked a fever that went up to 102.9. Fortunately her fever responded to Tylenol, and by the next day she was back down to just a touch above normal. She continued to have lots of congestion (who knew so much mucous could come out of such a little girl?...) and her cough sounded horrible. She's feeling much better now, but still has some stuffiness and coughing.

So what's more fun than having a sick toddler? Having a sick toddler and a sick Mommy! The nasty cold hit me on about Thursday, and I felt absolutely miserable until today. (I reeeeeeally wanted to just take some cold medicine, but everything I read said it's not a good idea in the first trimester of pregnancy, so I toughed it out.) I slept sitting up on Friday night, because I could not breathe if I laid down. Poor Aaron, he hasn't been sleeping well either, thanks to all my tossing and turning, coughing, and nose-blowing. But he didn't get hit with the cold, so I don't feel too bad.

To make matters even worse more challenging, it was absolutely frigid outside all week. We still have ice and snow on our driveway that have been there for over 2 weeks. So Abigail was going a little crazy just from being stuck in the house so much.

So, now that you know more than you ever wanted to about our week in the infirmary, here is how we attempted to keep our sanity and help Abigail stay entertained.

Abigail watched more DVD's this week than she has in her entire life, combined. We've now banned them for the last 3 days, because she was getting waaaaaay too attached. But it worked well for the days that she and I were both miserable, and Aaron was trying to get some work done.

Guess who got a new dolly?
I don't think I told you the story about Abigail's other dolly. Dolly #1 ended up in the garbage because Abigail decided to take off her poopy diaper during naptime, and then rub dolly into it. That did not go over too well. So dolly got tossed in the trash.
Anyhooooo...this is Abigail's NEW dolly. She is a very good dolly-mommy. I think she is practicing to be a big sister. She loves to hug her doll, push her in her little stroller, rock her in the rocking chair, and sing to her. (See the previous post for video of Abigail trying to keep Dolly's pacifier in her mouth while rocking her).

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Abigail also got a new drum set! Ok, no, not really. But she did have lots of fun with some dishes and rhythm sticks. Note-to-self: Although this activity keeps baby entertained, it is not a good one to choose when Mommy has a headache.
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Big Sister practice

Snowy day

More pictures, early January

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Merry Christmas, Washington style

Photos from the Washington portion of our trip are up. See the web album below.

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She's the big sister!

I think most people who look at this blog already know the news...but I'll say it anyway just for fun.
We are expecting a baby on August 28! Abigail is going to be a big sister. She's going to be a good one, too, judging from how excited she's been about taking care of her dolls lately.

Merry Christmas, and all that Jazz

Sorry for the lack of posts. Between traveling, getting a new computer, and life in general, I just haven't gotten around to it. Here is a web album of pictures from our Christmas vacation. I only have pictures from Oregon up so far. I will post one for the Washington part of the trip as soon as I get the pictures off the other computer!

Click on the photo to open the web album (40+ pictures, 3 videos)