What a strong girl!

Blow me a kiss

Slide, slide, slide, slide.

We went to a new park today, and Abigial had a blast testing out all the slides.

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Photos over which she will die of embarrassment someday...

Crazy after-bath hair.

This is the face Abigail makes when Aaron winks at her. She can't figure out how he gets just one eye to close, so she just squints really hard and giggles.

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Kissing Levi


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We train 'em up young around here

Mommy's little helper

Carrying groceries in from the car:

Putting dirty clothes in the hamper:

Putting away her toys:

Helping Mommy make breakfast:
Well, maybe it wasn't so helpful when she pulled the eggs down off the counter.

An afternoon at the park

Snuggled up warm for the walk

No more gloves, please

I'm a big girl, I can do it...

No, really, I can do it by. my. self.

See, told you.

I'm so proud of myself!

Cute even without color

A morning at the community center

Swimming with Mommy

With a talking doll at the childcare center