A day at the farm

On Sunday, we went to the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead. Great fun was had by all.

Whoa, are those real, live animals?

Look, it's a goat!

You're stinkier than in your pictures

Daddy, I'm not so sure about this...

Get me outta here!

I think I'm more comfortable on this side of the fence.

Cleaning off the icky germs

Climbing the staircase up to the big slide

Look, we're high up in a barn!

Whee! Again, again!

Who is that gorgeous baby?

Catch me if you can

What a fun day!

Tutu cute

Our little ballerina

Muggin' for the camera

Abigail's response to my request "Say cheese!"


Abigail loves to help dress herself. She can put on her own pants (with minimal help). And she loves to put her shoes on (and take them back off, and put them back on, and take them back off...) Today she proudly came in to show me her shoes. They were snugly on, with the velcro closed...and on the wrong feet!

*Shhhz is my attempt at "spelling" how Abigail says shoes. There are no vowels. It's just shhhh with a z at the end.

I (heart) books

I always knew Abigail was going to be a voracious reader. She loves books. Loves for us to read to her. Loves to "read" to us. Loves to look at the pictures and lift the flaps. Loves to rip out the pages. Loves to point at the ripped pages with a concerned look on her face and say "ooooo", like she's sad.

Lest you think it's all fun and games...

This is what you get when your toddler wants the camera and you say "no".

Snuggle time with Daddy

Daddy's Shoes

C'mere and give me a kiss!

Dandelion Puff

Spin Dizzy Daddy

Abigail giggles while Daddy spins.

A little young for coffee...

The top of the piano used to be a safe place to set things down. Not anymore. I discovered that Abigail can reach higher than I thought. Thank the Lord that the coffee wasn't hot when Abigail decided to take a drink, then dump the rest of it onto herself and the floor. When I caught her, she was holding the cup upside down, watching the last of it drip out the lid.

Apparently she likes mocha's - she's sucking the coffee out of her shirt!

A trip to the park

Love these ruffles!

Sauce & stuff

Sometimes, Abigail's main course at dinner is ketchup. At least if we give her lots of sauce, it gets her to eat something besides "cah-coh" (cracker) or "jssss" (juice).


It's been a little chilly lately.


Abigail wasn't too sure about riding the horse at the grocery store...

Brushing Teeth


Abigail "riding" her wolf.

Under her feet is our brand new carpet, installed yesterday. We are in the midst of moving her out of the nursery and into her new, bigger room. The nursery will soon be our office. Hurray!

Messy Dinner

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