The Trip: The Journey

Little Miss Abigail was quite the trooper during our travels. We drove 20 hours over two days to get to the Tetons, then did it in reverse a week later to get home. (No, silly...we didn't drive in reverse all the way home. Sheesh!) She played with lots of toys - some old, a couple new; drank lots of juice, filled LOTS of diapers, and ate lots of less-than-nutritious food (Teddy Grahams do wonders for a cranky toddler.) Through our diversionary tactics, we managed to keep her smiling for most of the ride on our way to the mountains. Here's the view from my seat:

The ride back home was a bit more challenging. She did keep the cries of protest at a tolerable decibel level, but it was more difficult to coax a smile out of her.

We did stop at a hotel for a night's rest in the middle of the drive. We do not own a television, so seeing "The Wiggles" on Saturday morning TV was quite the experience for Abigail.

With all of our driving, Abigail had lots of time to work on her reading skills. Here she is studying The Good Book during one of our day trips to Yellowstone.


Anonymous September 3, 2006 at 5:44 PM  

what a good girl :)
such a long journey for anyone let alone a toddler
We love the Wiggles
an inspiration to me as they trained to be kindy teachers - so was I - the future is full of possiblies
Pleased to see she love books :)

LOL pleased you didnt drive in reserve
jen at

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