Photos for the road...

You won't be hearing from us for a few days. It's family vacation time, and in just a few hours we'll be packing into the car and driving to beautiful Grand Teton National Park. James, our new renter, will be holding down the fort here for us while we enjoy some quality time with our parents and Aaron's extended family. Until we return, here are some photos for the road:
This doll was as big as Abigail. She was fascinated by the eyes that open and close.

What are those on my feet?

Abigail wanted to wear my earrings...we found a way to make it work.

Good night, Daddy! Here's a kiss...

New stuff

As Abigail gets more and more active, it's getting harder to capture the true essence of her activities in still photos. I'm still taking them, but I'm taking lots of video, too. Even with the poor quality, the movement still seems to give a better idea of what she's like right now.

Here she is dancing on our bed, while wearing one of my shirts and watching herself in the mirror.

Next, Abigail spinning in circles with Daddy. Then she gets distracted and starts talking into the fan.

I gave Abigail a bath, then fed her dinner. That was a bad idea. She smeared plum all over herself. Now it's bath time again...

Thank God for Friends

Abigail has been spending a lot of time with Becca this week. Angel (Becca's mom) watched Abigial on Wed. and Thurs. night for a few hours, and we babysat Becca and Kayla tonight, and again tomorrow afternoon. Good thing Abigail and Becca get along so well!

As you can see, Aaron was a big help with the girls.

Abigail went on the big girl swing for the first time! (The first video has sound of their giggling. Second video no sound.)


Believe it or not, she did actually get some in her mouth.

Just in case you didn't get a good look at the spinach in the hair...

Nothing like water straight from the faucet.

Playing Catch-Up

Sorry, things have been a little crazy 'round here lately. I have been getting to sing at IHOP quite a bit the last couple weeks (Yay!). But, I have mostly been singing for the 6am set, which means I've been getting up at 4am to get a shower and be there before 5:30am. Soooo...I have not been staying up late to post pictures. Here is a few from the last few days. No time for cute commentary. I must go sleep. Been awake for 22 hours, and Abigail wakes up in about 5...

OK, lest you think I'm an awful mommy, I must comment on this one. See, she was really happy right before I went and grabbed my camera. She thought being in the little box was loads of fun. But once the camera was ready for a picture, the fun moment was over. I took the picture anyway - does that make me mean?

Sooty Face

While I was feeding the dog today, Abigail found a jar candle that smelled really good. You know how candles in jars leave a lot of black soot around the top of the jar? Well, here's what happens when your toddler smells a sooty candle:

Abigail's Other House

For the last week, Abigail has gotten to pretend that she has a pet dog. We have been taking care of the neighbor's dog and watering their plants while they are on vacation. I'm sure that now she is going to think that she can just waltz into their backyard and go into their house whenever she wants to.

Here she is playing in their backyard: practicing throwing a ball, and getting herself in the doghouse, literally.

What Goes Around Comes Around

I was quite the climber when I was little. So much that I was often called a monkey. I loved to climb and play in trees, and I really enjoyed getting to go up on our roof and climb around while "helping" my Dad put up Christmas lights.

I came into the dining room today to find this:

Looks like she's the climber now.

Sink Swim

I wish I could say that I decided to put Abigail in the sink because it was TOO DARN HOT outside and I wanted to find a creative way for her to go for a swim. But, althought it was too hot to be outside for more than a nanosecond, she actually ended up in the sink because of the sheer force of her will.

Somehow, when I held her up to the sink to wash off her hands, she ended up getting her feet up there, then putting them in the sink, then sitting on the edge, then squatting over the water, then "oh, fine, just sit down in the water and play". I did manage to get the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded while she splashed, which is all but a miracle. I am now firmly resolved to keep her out of the sink for the forseeable future. Now that she's played in there twice, she calls out "Wa-wa!" every time we go into the kitchen and cries when I don't let her turn handwashing into a dip in the pool.