Wednesday Hodge-Podge

What is new and different in this picture?

Correct answer: I can see Abigail's face in my rear-view mirror!! I finally turned Abigail's carseat around to be front-facing. It's about time, considering that it has been a couple months since she could stretch her legs out completely straight in her rear-facing carseat. She was quite fascinated today when we drove to the community center for a swim. Notice the look of awe on her face:

Our trip to the pool was the only time we left the house all day. It was HOT, Hot, hot. The heat index reached at least 110 today. (It's 2am right now, and 85 degrees according to Yeah, I know I should go to bed. I'm getting there...) Waaaaay too hot for playing outside. So, we've been going stir-crazy trying to keep busy inside. Today, Abigail learned how zippers function. Great skill to have - not so great when the teenager living in our living room has a big suitcase with a bunch of zippers on it! I finally got tired of chasing Abigail away, so I put the teen's suitcase in the spare bedroom and brought out our suitcase for Abigail to play with.

What can I say about this? Cute and a little weird, all at the same time...

Helping Daddy put on his boots.


Grafted Branch July 20, 2006 at 11:19 AM  

What a precious blog! So much better than hours and hours of film that never gets looked at anyway.

First babies are such a treat. Everything is so new to them, and so -- to you too. Talk about living vicariously! Thanks for letting me remember. *happy sigh*

I found you through kpjara's comments...just surfing around before I've got to run and make lunch.

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