Walmart Shopping

Abigail news: Teeth are popping up everywhere around here. Well, maybe not everywhere, but Abigail has two new teeth, with one more well on the way. She is chewing on everyhing in sight, and eating lots of frozen grapes and bananas.
And, guess who peed in her potty again. It was a little more accidental this time - she started going while standing in the bath, so I picked her up and plopped her on The Potty Chair. But she still went in the right place, so I say it counts for something.

Today's major ordeal event was shopping. Photos for your viewing pleasure follow:

For more photos and a commentary of our shopping trip, read this.


Grammy July 18, 2006 at 12:46 PM  

OH, my gosh, Sarah. Could Abigail possibly get any cuter? I'll bet your mother is just dying to get her in a squinch! Congratulaions on progress toward potty-training. Every step counts!

Pear tree cottage! July 19, 2006 at 4:11 PM  

Hello Sarah from here in Australia, the photos of your daughter on her shopping trip are just lovely and I see she has fallen in love with Barney as all little girls do!.

I am a grandmother of 8 all under five that is a lot of potty training in our family at the moment :o)

I will be back to read more of your lovely blog.

best wishes my dear

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