Heeeeeere Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

"Let's go to the lake and feed the fish" Aaron says. "Sure" says I, thinking it sounds like a fine idea to get out of the house. But how exciting can it really be to feed some fish? Little did I know, we were going to see the most insane hungry fish ever...

Here (below left) are said fishies trying to get our attention as we approached them carrying our $0.50 bag of fishy food. They obviously knew what was coming.
Then (below right) after food has entered the water, see the insanity that ensues. Fish are climbing (crawling? finning? swimming?) on top of each other trying to find the precious food (which, incidentally, looks and smells like the Science Diet cat food we used to feed Cactus, may he rest in peace.) click the photo to enlarge

Abigail thought the whole spectacle was interesting, although I think I was more amused than she. Perhaps because I know that it is just not normal for there to be five bazillion carp stirring the waters around the edge of a dock. She did get in on the action and tossed in some fishy food all on her own. (She didn't even eat any!)

I'm tellin' ya - those were some crazy fish!


Anonymous July 3, 2006 at 10:57 PM  

OH. My. Gosh. She is such a little dolll! Love these picture! :)

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