Dinner Out With Abigail...

Peanuuuuut, Peanut Butter


She's Eating Spinach...and liking it!

Vegetables have not been Abigail's favorite food as of late. She mostly just spits them out immediately after having them shoved in her mouth offered. Today, she actually enjoyed eating her spinach. Never underestimate the power of a little cream cheese.

Not Abigail pictures, per se, but it's where she lives

We're having an "open house" today over at my other blog. Stop on over if you want to see the Casa.

Number 2!

Big news in potty training here.

She's A Talker

Abigail saying "water":

I have been meaning to post an update about Abigail's language development for a while, but I kept forgetting. This list may not be complete, but it covers most of the words that Abigail uses regularly.

Words she says:
Cheese (Chz)
Juice (Jsz)
Shoes (Shhhhz)
Bubble (Buh-boh)
No (Doh!)
Water (Wa-wa)
Night-night (ni-ni)
Thank You (Da-do)
Food (bouf)
Diaper (Da-da, with a different inflection that means "diaper")

Animal sounds that she can make (and match with the correct animal):
Doggie - Woof, woof - (ooh-ooh)
Kitty Cat - (Raou)
Cow - Moo - (Boo)
Duck - Quack, Quack - (Ah-ah-ah) (rhymes with (At-at-at)
Lion - Roar - (Rraaaah)
Wolf - Howl - (AOoooo)
Horsey - Neigh - (Ne-e-e-e)
Elephant trunk noise (what's that called, anyway?) - (Bwooooo (while sputtering her lips)

Words she signs:
All Gone/All Done

She can also communicate a host of other things using vocalizations, hand motions, and pointing. She's one smart cookie!


It's so fun to watch Abigail discover new things. Today she was intrigued by the funny shadow on her arms, made by the sun streaming through the window shade in the car.

Wa-wa means Water

I'm not so sure that I should admit this, but letting Abigail splash her feet in the sink was the only way that I could unload the dishwasher today without her grabbing the steak knives from the bottom rack. Not that sitting on the counter is behavior that I want to encourage...

With A Bow In Her Hair

Doesn't Abigail look so cute and girly with her hair "done". I couldn't believe the bow stayed in her hair for hours yesterday. We managed to distract her right after we put it in, so she forgot about it. Today, we're back to messy hair with food in it. But at least I got pictures while it lasted.

Long Time No Post

Sorry for the longer-than-usual delay in posting some new pictures. I now have them all ready to go, but Blogger won't let me post them. I looked to see if I was the only one having problems, and found this notice:

Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Some users are noticing problems with photo uploading timing out or taking a very long time to respond. We're looking into this and will post an update when there is more information.

So, I will post new pictures as soon as I can.

Stopping to Smell The Roses...Errrr, Phlox

Alien Eyes or Superhero Mask?

What do you think?

Wednesday Hodge-Podge

What is new and different in this picture?

Correct answer: I can see Abigail's face in my rear-view mirror!! I finally turned Abigail's carseat around to be front-facing. It's about time, considering that it has been a couple months since she could stretch her legs out completely straight in her rear-facing carseat. She was quite fascinated today when we drove to the community center for a swim. Notice the look of awe on her face:

Our trip to the pool was the only time we left the house all day. It was HOT, Hot, hot. The heat index reached at least 110 today. (It's 2am right now, and 85 degrees according to weather.com. Yeah, I know I should go to bed. I'm getting there...) Waaaaay too hot for playing outside. So, we've been going stir-crazy trying to keep busy inside. Today, Abigail learned how zippers function. Great skill to have - not so great when the teenager living in our living room has a big suitcase with a bunch of zippers on it! I finally got tired of chasing Abigail away, so I put the teen's suitcase in the spare bedroom and brought out our suitcase for Abigail to play with.

What can I say about this? Cute and a little weird, all at the same time...

Helping Daddy put on his boots.

Walmart Shopping

Abigail news: Teeth are popping up everywhere around here. Well, maybe not everywhere, but Abigail has two new teeth, with one more well on the way. She is chewing on everyhing in sight, and eating lots of frozen grapes and bananas.
And, guess who peed in her potty again. It was a little more accidental this time - she started going while standing in the bath, so I picked her up and plopped her on The Potty Chair. But she still went in the right place, so I say it counts for something.

Today's major ordeal event was shopping. Photos for your viewing pleasure follow:

For more photos and a commentary of our shopping trip, read this.

Sleepy at the Park

Super Splash

Today Abigail and I met some friends for a day of fun at Super Splash USA.
We had a great time enjoying the swimming pools and waterslides. Abigail got to go down three waterslides. One with me (see video below) and two by herself (They were short, and I caught her at the bottom.) We had a great time. We'll probably go back sometime so Aaron can join us in the fun.

All Tuckered Out

Mommy & Me

Ready To Go Spelunking or What's This Thing On My Head?

Guess Who Peed In Her Potty?!?!?!?!

Yep, that's right. Our little girl is a potty prodigy. See, I'm not crazy for getting bringing home The Potty Chair so early. Today after Abigail woke up from her nap, she walked into the bathroom and "said" she wanted to sit on the potty (i.e. she said dadadadada while tapping the lid and grabbing her diaper). I got her situated, and she sat for a little bit, swinging her chubby little legs. She got off, then back on, then off, then back on. She sat for a moment, then looked up at me with a look of concern on her face. I told her it was ok to go pee in the potty, and she actually did it! She peed a tiny bit, then looked up at me, I told smiled and told her it was ok, and she finished going. I smiled and cheered and clapped and called for Aaron to come. She looked a little bewildered by all the noise, but she looked on with interest as I dumped out her pee into the toilet and she watched it flush away. Hugs of congratulation followed. I'm such a proud Mommy. My little girl is learning so fast!


Getting sleepy in the swing

Learning to blow my nose

Hiding under a curtain

The Name Above Every Name

I haven't told you yet!!!!! I forgot to post the exciting news. Earlier this week, Abigail learned the sign for "Jesus"! I have been teaching her the sign (look it up here if you don't know it) when we pray, when we look at the painting of Jesus in the prayer room, or when she plays with one of her crosses in her room. A few days ago we had been sick, and the next morning I told Abigail "Let's thank Jesus for making you feel better so fast." When I said "Jesus" she looked up at me and did the sign. Now she does it all the time when we say The Name. Of course, we're still focusing on giving her lots of content to go along with that sign, but just knowing that she know His Name is such a joy!

Thursday, in Three Parts

You only think this is cute because you weren't the one telling her "Sit down on your bottom, NOW!" over and over all day long. (I snapped this picture while telling her to sit down. Mixed messages, I know. But it was early in the day and I had no idea that standing in chairs would become the major issue of contention for the day.)

Investigating the sprinkler was fun. Why did she try to stop it from hitting her leg, rather than just walk away? I have no idea.

Flying a kite indoors? Why not? Abigail thought it was fun to drag it around the house, so I held it up for her and let her watch it really "fly".

The Maternal Instinct Starts Early

Wacky Hair

Good Friends

Eight Teeth

Can you see 'em? Abigail has two more teeth on top now, bringing the total to 8!

Heeeeeere Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

"Let's go to the lake and feed the fish" Aaron says. "Sure" says I, thinking it sounds like a fine idea to get out of the house. But how exciting can it really be to feed some fish? Little did I know, we were going to see the most insane hungry fish ever...

Here (below left) are said fishies trying to get our attention as we approached them carrying our $0.50 bag of fishy food. They obviously knew what was coming.
Then (below right) after food has entered the water, see the insanity that ensues. Fish are climbing (crawling? finning? swimming?) on top of each other trying to find the precious food (which, incidentally, looks and smells like the Science Diet cat food we used to feed Cactus, may he rest in peace.) click the photo to enlarge

Abigail thought the whole spectacle was interesting, although I think I was more amused than she. Perhaps because I know that it is just not normal for there to be five bazillion carp stirring the waters around the edge of a dock. She did get in on the action and tossed in some fishy food all on her own. (She didn't even eat any!)

I'm tellin' ya - those were some crazy fish!

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