Wiiiiiild Animals

This first photo may be a little hard to see, but there is a baby bunny inside the pink circle in the corner. Mr. Bunny lives somewhere in our neighborhood, and usually has at least one meal each day in our yard. At first this was not a problem, but as he's starting to grow a little bigger, we are beginning to notice that he is encroaching upon our garden a bit too much for our liking. Today I sprayed him with the hose to chase him off (after Abigail got to watch him for a bit.) We will soon have to come up with a more permanent solution. Anyone want a pet rabbit?

This evening we got together with some friends for a campfire. We cooked brats* and s'mores over the fire, and had a great time in general. The location was on a friend of a friend's "farm", so we were surrounded by horses (and one mule) while we set up our feast. Abigail got her first up-close look at a horsey.

* Um...that's brats as in bratwurst, not brats as in bratty little kids. Just in case anyone was concerned.

And, for the wildest of all the wild animals we encountered today, here's Abigail peeking at baby Kayla...

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