Take and Eat

Not exactly Abigail-photo-related, but something happened today that I wanted to write down and remember, so I thought I'd share it here.

Today while we were in the prayer room, Abigail saw two women carrying the bread/body and juice/blood for the communion table. She immediately started reaching toward them making her "Uh, uh" noises that mean "I want it!" or "Give me that!" I might have just thought she was just looking at the shiny metal trays, until she started signing "eat, eat". Understand that all we could see was the tray with a lid on - no visible food. Abigail has maybe watched me take communion there a couple times, but not often, and not recently. And we were in a completely different part of the room from where the communion table is. So, it's highly unlikely that she would just associate shiny metal trays with eating something. Abigail was very insistent about wanting what they had, and continued to watch them as they walked around the back of the room, reaching out and signing "eat". A friend, Debbie Mills, walked up during this and I told her what Abigail was doing. We agreed that she probably understands far more than we can even imagine, and I decided to go give her communion. As soon as I had the elements in hand, Abigail was no longer reaching and grunting. She was quietly listening as I whispered in her ear about Jesus' body being broken on the cross and His blood being poured out to wash away her sin, our sin. I prayed and gave her the matzo and grape juice. (The grape juice dribbled on her shirt, and she tried to bite through the little plastic cup!) Somehow, in that act, I know the Holy Spirit imparted something of Christ into her little frame. Amazing, no?


fairchildren June 13, 2006 at 3:35 PM  

Hey Sarah!! We decided to look at you old web site to see how you guys were doing and stumbled upon this one!! how beautiful abigal is! We are coming into town in august for a wedding so we would love to see you! hope all is well!

sarah June 13, 2006 at 8:43 PM  

Yay! I'm glad you found us! I've been checking out fairchildren.blogspot.com occasionally and have enjoyed reading your updates.
I hope we can see you when you're here - is the wedding in early August? We'll be gone around Aug. 18-26.

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