Abigail needs some siblings. (This is not an announcement of that kind, so don't get all excited...) Today we babysat Jeremiah and Becca, and in many ways it was easier to have all 3 of them than it is to just have Abigail by herself. She loves having kids around to play with. Now, I am not delusional so I understand that having siblings is not the equivalent of always having a friend over to play. (It is also means always having someone who wants to steal share your toys.) Nonetheless, having a house full of kids for half the day actually reminded me that yes, we do in fact want more. Again, NOT an announcement. I'm just sayin' I like kids.


Chaos-Jamie June 26, 2006 at 8:43 PM  

Hey! My son has those undies!

(Yes, I know that was a totally inappropriate comment, but I'm not a sweaty guy in a t-shirt, I'm a proud mommy!)

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