Introducing The Potty Chair

I bought a potty for Abigail, and we started practicing sitting on it today. For the full scoop, read this .

Funny Faces at Dinner

In, Out, In, Out

Mt. Frito

Abigail is beginning to enjoy taking moving items from one spot to another. She likes to put things into cupboards then take them out again, or to put things into a container, then take them back out. We bought a big box of chips for the 3 teenage girls staying with us, and tonight Abigail emptied the whole thing, then put them all back. Here she is in the middle of her project, piling the chips onto Aaron.

To the Park With Friends

Today Angel and Becca joined us for a walk to the park. Abigail had fun swinging next to Becca, and playing with Becca's doll stroller.

Swim and Swing


Sorry for the dearth of posts lately. We have three 16-year-old girls staying with us for the Summer Teen Internship program, and I've been busy trying to get the house in order for their arrival. Here's some catch-up from the last few days.

Abigail loves giving kisses. Here she is sharing the love with Caleb and Clarissa

Abigail with her friend Gabby

Laundry day

Abigail crawled into this soft-sided cooler, so I picked her up and took her for a ride around the house. (Note to self: Don't look down when someone is taking your picture, unless you want to look like Abigail gets her double-chin from you.)


Abigail needs some siblings. (This is not an announcement of that kind, so don't get all excited...) Today we babysat Jeremiah and Becca, and in many ways it was easier to have all 3 of them than it is to just have Abigail by herself. She loves having kids around to play with. Now, I am not delusional so I understand that having siblings is not the equivalent of always having a friend over to play. (It is also means always having someone who wants to steal share your toys.) Nonetheless, having a house full of kids for half the day actually reminded me that yes, we do in fact want more. Again, NOT an announcement. I'm just sayin' I like kids.

Ever Hear of Edmund Hillary?

I think we have a future mountain climber on our hands. Abigail's new favorite sport is climbing. She climbs everything. Furniture, people, toys, name it, she's probably tried to climb it. Is it cute? - yes. Is it scary for mommy? - Absolutely. So far she hasn't climbed onto anything too high, and she really hasn't fallen off of much of anything. But I'm scared that one of these days she's going to get onto a chair by herself and take a nasty fall.

She has gotten much enjoyment out of this stack of goodies from Costco. Buying in bulk not only saves money, but it entertains the baby, too.

Yikes! Need I even comment on this one?

Because of her attempts at crib-climbing, I dropped the mattress down to the lowest setting. Hopefully that will keep her caged at night for at least a few more months. The thought of her being able to leave her bed of her own volition is more than a little nerve-wracking. Here she is "helping" me move the mattress.

Abigail + Daddy + Pool = Fun

No Animals Were Injured While Filming

Caleb brought home a tortoise that he rescued* from the street. Abigail was a little unsure about it at first, but she got more comfortable after watching it for a while.

Sorry for the bad lighting and no sound on this video. Abigail is investigating the tortoise. She gets a little upset at the end when it starts moving and trying to run away.

*He said it was in the road and he almost ran over it. He didn't want anyone to hit it, so he stopped and picked it up. He put it in the back of the truck, where it managed to survive all day in sweltering hot weather with no food, water or shade (I hear he crawled under some sand to stay cool). He has now been released near a river.

Stayin' Cool In The Pool

It was hot today, so Abigail went for a dip in the pool. We sprayed her down with the hose while she ran, splashed, and slid all around.

Happy Father's Day!

Abigail has the best Daddy in the world, and the two best Grandpas ever. Happy Father's Day to Aaron, Peter, and Mike!
We had a busy weekend. Abigail helped us celebrate by spending Saturday and part of Sunday over at Janice & Eddy's house so that Aaron and I could get away for the first time since we became parents. Abigail and Jeremiah had a great time playing together. Having another kid around seemed to make her forget about the fact that she wasn't with us. I don't have any pictures from the Father's Day festivities, so here are some photos from Thursday night when we babysat Jeremiah:

Let's Go Fly A Kite

Here, Have A Rock


My dear, dear friend Christina is here visiting for the week. She is currently stationed in Hawaii with the US Army. She will be deployed to Iraq in August, and I am thrilled and honored that she decided to come visit ME during her final leave before shipping out. File away this picture and pray for her, especially after August.

Oh, and Christina insisted that I post a picture of Abigail with Mommy, so here you go. It is a good opportunity to show off the pretty, pretty earrings that she purchased for me in Hawaii as a christmas gift.

Take and Eat

Not exactly Abigail-photo-related, but something happened today that I wanted to write down and remember, so I thought I'd share it here.

Today while we were in the prayer room, Abigail saw two women carrying the bread/body and juice/blood for the communion table. She immediately started reaching toward them making her "Uh, uh" noises that mean "I want it!" or "Give me that!" I might have just thought she was just looking at the shiny metal trays, until she started signing "eat, eat". Understand that all we could see was the tray with a lid on - no visible food. Abigail has maybe watched me take communion there a couple times, but not often, and not recently. And we were in a completely different part of the room from where the communion table is. So, it's highly unlikely that she would just associate shiny metal trays with eating something. Abigail was very insistent about wanting what they had, and continued to watch them as they walked around the back of the room, reaching out and signing "eat". A friend, Debbie Mills, walked up during this and I told her what Abigail was doing. We agreed that she probably understands far more than we can even imagine, and I decided to go give her communion. As soon as I had the elements in hand, Abigail was no longer reaching and grunting. She was quietly listening as I whispered in her ear about Jesus' body being broken on the cross and His blood being poured out to wash away her sin, our sin. I prayed and gave her the matzo and grape juice. (The grape juice dribbled on her shirt, and she tried to bite through the little plastic cup!) Somehow, in that act, I know the Holy Spirit imparted something of Christ into her little frame. Amazing, no?

Infant CPR

I feel a little guilty that I haven't taken Infant First Aid/CPR training yet. Luckily, Abigail seems to be up to speed on what needs to be done in an emergency. She was practicing her "rescue breathing" technique on Aaron tonight.

Where's Your Nose?

Abigail knows her nose! For the first time, Abigail has "pointed" to a body part in response to our prompting. Here's video of her responding to the questions "Where's your nose?...Where's Daddy's nose?"

She's In The Money

When Abigail is in another room and things are too quiet, I know she's getting into trouble. This morning I thought things sounded suspiciously silent, and I found her emptying the contents out of my wallet! (No, I don't usually carry this much cash on me, I just had Caleb's rent money ready to deposit.)

Giggle, giggle

Now, for your listening pleasure...the happiest sound in the world:

this is an audio post - click to play


By special request...

If you are just here for the adorable baby pictures, skip this post. Some requests have been made for photos of our new patio, so I am happy to oblige. Aaron worked hard, along with Caleb and Matt, and Grandpa Mike. There are still some bricks that need to be cut to finish out the edges, but it's pretty much done! Thanks everyone for all your hard work. Also, a huge Thank-You! to Nana and Grandpa Mike who gave us the patio set for our anniversary/birthday/birthday/etc. gift.

click on photo to see larger view...

Stairs and Slide All By Myself!

Outside on the Little Tykes toy. Abigail can now climb up and down the stairs, and go down the slide all by herself.

Wiiiiiild Animals

This first photo may be a little hard to see, but there is a baby bunny inside the pink circle in the corner. Mr. Bunny lives somewhere in our neighborhood, and usually has at least one meal each day in our yard. At first this was not a problem, but as he's starting to grow a little bigger, we are beginning to notice that he is encroaching upon our garden a bit too much for our liking. Today I sprayed him with the hose to chase him off (after Abigail got to watch him for a bit.) We will soon have to come up with a more permanent solution. Anyone want a pet rabbit?

This evening we got together with some friends for a campfire. We cooked brats* and s'mores over the fire, and had a great time in general. The location was on a friend of a friend's "farm", so we were surrounded by horses (and one mule) while we set up our feast. Abigail got her first up-close look at a horsey.

* Um...that's brats as in bratwurst, not brats as in bratty little kids. Just in case anyone was concerned.

And, for the wildest of all the wild animals we encountered today, here's Abigail peeking at baby Kayla...

Bye-Bye #2

Bye-bye Gramma Grace and Grandpa. Thanks for making my visit lots of fun!

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