Monday Madness

Abigail is so adorable, but this picture makes my stomach turn. She's lying down on the nasty kitchen carpet. The carpet that I swore we would remove as soon as we bought this house. The carpet that I said was way too disgusting and we HAD to change the flooring before Abigail started crawling. The carpet that I still say is repulsive, but we still haven't gotten around to replacing with the tile that we plan to buy. We've been in the house for over a year and we still have this nastiness in the kitchen. It's not just the ugly-factor that's problematic. It appears to have decades of ground-in dirt and gunk that cannot be removed. Yuck, yuck, yuck! Maybe if Abigail keeps lying down on it, we'll finally decide the time has come to just make the investment in a new floor!

Would you think I was a cool mom if I told you that Abigail is covered in avocado because we were playing "day spa" and giving each other avocado facials? Well, too bad I'm not that cool - she's really just a messy eater!

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