Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Abigail celebrated Cinco De Mayo by wearing her cute outfit that Nana and Grandpa got her on their trip to Mexico. Here she is dancing with the toilet paper she unrolled.

For some real fun, use this link to see this page translated into Spanish using Altavista's Babelfish. There's a new link at the bottom of the page that lets you translate the page into a bunch of different languages. Why? Just because it's cool! The real fun is to translate a paragraph into one language, and then translate the translation back into English. Here is this paragraph, after going from English to Spanish and back:

For a certain true diversion, it uses east connection to see this translated page Babelfish de Altavista that Spanish uses. There is a new connection at heart of the page that lets to him translate the page to a handful of diverse languages. Why? Hardly because he is fresh! The true diversion is to translate a paragraph to a language, and later it translates the translation again within English. Here it is east paragraph, after going to the Spanish and behind English.

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