Close Encounters of the Zoological Kind

Here's a photographic recap of our trip to the zoo last Sunday.
Right after we arrived, we found a number of free-roaming peacocks. This was the first of numerous close encounters throughout the day.

Here's Abigail looking fascinated by the baboons.

As we walked by some geese, we stopped for a picture. (With the animals that were "locked up" it was hard to get pictures that included both Abigail and the animals, so the ones wandering around got a full photo shoot.) Right after I snapped this picture, Aaron quickly wheeled her away so the goose wouldn't bite her. (Goose thinks hand reaching out = food.) Unfortunately, another goose was waiting to pounce, and as Aaron raced away Abigail reached out her hand...chomp. It got her finger, but only just a tiny bit. It didn't bleed or anything, but Abigail was scared. We chased off the rest of the geese and hurried away.

When we walked through the aviary, we were surrounded by winged friends, but this bird encounter was uneventful. Just a pretty bird and a pretty girl looking at each other.

And finally, the infamous gorilla visit. At first Abigail wasn't very interested. Then, check out her face in the reflection in the second picture - she's beginning to look inquisitive. The third picture was taken right after the gorilla reached down and scratched itself.

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