Abigail's First Trip To The Zoo

Today we took Abigail to the zoo for the first time. She seemed to enjoy it, although she was really really tired. She only had a short nap this morning, and missed her afternoon nap altogether. She was a bit more reserved than I expected, but she did still seem interested in the animals. (When they were close enough for her to notice.)
We had a very up-close view of a gorilla. It was sitting right next to the glass in the viewing area, so we wheeled Abigail's stroller right up to it. It was just sitting there, not really moving at all, and she just kind of looked at it. I'm sure she had no idea that it was a living thing - it just looked like an enormous teddy bear. Then, it reached down and scratched its butt. Abigail made "the saddest face in the world" and started wailing! She calmed down momentarily, then it moved again - more crying. That was the only trauma of the day (oh, except for when she reached out her hand as we passed by some geese and a mean one bit her finger...grrr, why do they let those things run loose anyway? She was fine, but it scared her.)
I took a ton of pictures on my nice camera (not digital), but it will be a little while before I get the film developed and pictures on CD. Here's what I got on my phone - Abigail sleeping in the stroller as we walked back to the car. Even a close encounter with a peacock didn't wake her up.

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