We're Home!

Last few pictures from our big trip:

Here's Abigail enjoying her bubble bath.

Abigail and cousin Anna had lots of fun playing together for a few days. They also knocked each other down and stole toys and all that fun stuff. So far, I think they're on the road to friendship, despite the occasional roughness.

Grandpa is a master at packing luggage. This time he even managed to secure Abigail for the flight home in a suitcase! Just kidding! This suitcase did carry home a Kitchenaid stand mixer complete with bowl (thanks to Grandpa both for packing it, and for finding it at a thrift store for $30!!). The diapers provided ample padding. I wonder what the airport security folks thought when the inspected it - a big, heavy mixer, a wooden salad bowl, misc. books, and a bunch of diapers (not exactly your typical contents!) Abigail helped me unpack it all when we got home.

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