Playing Outside

How many different ways can Abigail enunciate the syllables "da-da"? Somehow, I know that Abigail has a word for "doggie", but to me it sounds like just another slight variation of "da-da". (The vast majority of what she says right now sounds like da-da, or na-na). She really does seem to know what a dog is, and she is calling it by name. She says "doggie" (her own da-da verson of the word, anyway) when I hold up one of her doggie toys, or when we go outside to visit the neighbors' dogs. (Just for clarification - I mean toys shaped like dogs, not toys intended for canine use!) She also tries to mimic a barking noise. She kind of says "uh, uh" or "oh, oh". It's so cute it makes me want to get her a puppy. But then I think about trying to chase her and a puppy at the same time and I regain my sanity. For now the neighbor's dogs will have to suffice.

After visiting the doggies, we spent a little more time outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Abigail "helped" Aaron water the plants.

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