Peculiar Eating

Keep in mind that Abigail has only three teeth, and they're all on the bottom...

She did manage to bite some (very small) chunks out of this apple.

Although she's always shown some preferences, Abigail has always eaten pretty much whatever we put on her tray. But now that we've established somewhat of a mealtime routine, she is beginning to discover that she can assert some influence over what she eats. I have tried a few different tactics to get her to eat a well-balanced meal, but she usually ends up devouring much more fruit than anything else. If I serve her veggies or grains first, she will take a couple bites and then shove it off the tray onto the floor, giving me a look like "Where's the good stuff?". Today I tried giving her pieces of pear and bread at the same time to thwart her tactics. Alas, She's too sly to fall for that! She is mastering the art of picking through her food to eat only the tastiest morsels. She carefully devoured every pear she could find, while avoiding the bread completely. Picture 2 shows the bread has practically not moved from picture 1. The few pieces that did move were the ones that she picked up accidentally in her haste, then flung onto the floor so she could grab a pear. Good thing I have a tablecloth down there to make it easier to clean!

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