Our Little Angel

Aaron and I are really working on figuring out how to get Abigail to obey us in regards to not touching certain things. Certain things are off-limits, but she really wants to explore them: the keyboard & mouse, wires under the computer, and cupboards and drawers without child latches on them. A few times today she crawed under the desk and tried to act all innocent. She looked up at me like she was hoping I'd walk away and just let her go to town playing with all the electronics. I didn't move her right away, to see what she would do. She sat there for a little bit until her curiosity got the best of her, then she started grabbing wires like they were some kind of lifeline. I snatched her up and told her "NO", only to have her repeat the whole process over again a few minutes later. She is definitely testing us, and she knows when she is doing something that's not allowed. When she gets caught in the act and I say her name, she gets a really guilty looking smile, then does a little dance! It's actually really cute, but I can't smile and let her think that disobedience is funny! It's a slow process, but she seems to be starting to understand that what we say, goes.

We tried lettuce at lunch today. Abigail was not impressed.

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