Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Today we celebrate Jesus' resurrection, and look forward to His return in glory. He IS alive, and He is coming back to rule the earth. Do you know Him? Do you love Him? He loves you, and He gave His life to redeem you from your sins so that by grace, through faith, YOU can enter into the fullness of life in Christ, eternally. Do you know Him? Do you love Him?

It was a beautiful day, so we walked to church this morning.

Later we had a bunch of people over for dinner. Our friend Matt brought his new pet gecko. Abigail was interested in it for a few seconds, then went back to eating her fruit! (Notice the strawberry on her dress. When I was little, I would get a big strawberry stain on my dress every year on Easter. I guess Abigail is just trying to keep up the tradition.)

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