Grocery Shopping

I like my bananas with a little green, but this is ridiculous!

Abigail has been really working hard at learning to communicate. She is trying to say more words, and has been really progressing with using her sign language. She used to only mimic me when I prompted her to do a sign, but this week she has been initiating the sign for "all done" when she wants to stop eating (when she does it, it basically looks like waving with both hands). Today she decided that we were "all done" shopping when I was about halfway through my list. She started signing "all done" over and over, and squealing to get out of the cart, with a look in her eyes like "C'mon, lady, I said I'm finished!" Here she is frantically waving her hands, saying "I'm done, I'm done, get me out of here!"


Anonymous April 13, 2006 at 12:17 AM  

Signing is so much nicer than pointing and grunting. :) We've been showing Brinley 'all done' but she just laughs at us.

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