Free Is A Very Good Price

Three cheers for Freecycle! We got a free toddler slide for our backyard from some generous people through our local Freecycle group. Abigail has been enjoying it already. I'm glad that she now has something else to do outside besides eating dirt!

Speaking of dirt and free stuff - "we" are making some progress on our patio. (Dirt = what we moved a lot of today; Free stuff = the bricks we will use for the patio, and the labor that Matt contributed to the project this afternoon; "We" = Not me, since I haven't done any work on it whatsoever. The hard workers have been Aaron, Matt, Caleb, and a couple guys from Aaron's landscaping crew.) Hopefully the project will be completed soon. We are looking forward to having the patio done in time for Abigail's first birthday party in just over a month. Abigail was supervising and providing some inspiration today while the guys worked.

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