Health Update

Abigail did finally kick the chicken pox early this week. She still has some scabs, and a couple of the bigger spots look like they might leave little scars. But for the most part she handled the whole ordeal without any huge problems.
A couple days after the chicken pox were finally over, Abigail developed a nasty-sounding cough. We're still not sure if it's just a cold (she has a runny nose and is sneezing, too), or if it might be leftover from the chicken pox (the Dr. suggested this possibility), or if it's something else entirely. The hardest part has been that she is waking up during the night because of the coughing. She usually goes back to sleep on her own with no problem, but it makes her tired all day, so she's a extra-cranky and needy. (She also has been having a lot of difficulty napping ever since the chicken pox.) We're praying that she will be back to full health soon.
At her last checkup the doctor heard a heart murmur and wanted to check to be sure it was nothing to be concerned about. On Wednesday, Abigail went in to the cardiology clinic to have an ultrasound on her heart. She did not enjoy the experience. She had to lie relatively still on the exam table while the tech rubbed a wand all over her chest. At first she was just confused, but it took a while to complete the scan, so after a few minutes she was really not happy. She made it through ok, and we were happy to hear yesterday that everything looked normal, so the murmur is not a problem.

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