The Dreaded Chicken Pox

Abigail has been feeling a little under the weather for the last few days. She was having a slight reaction to one of her immunizations (for a couple days she had a red welt on her leg where the shot was given). She had a fever, and I thought it was part of the reaction. She also has a runny nose and cough, which we thought were from her teething. But then we noticed a couple red spots developing on her face and chest. She has one on her face that looks like a fluid-filled blister. This morning I found more red spots, and a call to the Doctor confirmed my suspicion...Abigail probably has chickenpox. As you can see, she is not breaking out really bad at this point, but there are definitely a number of spots all over.

Considering this is her first real illness, she is coping pretty well. She is definitely not at the top of her game, but so far the spots don't seem to be itching or bothering her. She is mostly just extra tired and wants to be held ALL THE TIME!! These pictures are from last night. Abigail has been more tired than usual, especially when the fever is higher. She fell asleep on Aaron shortly after he got home from work.

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